The design for this small town garden had to take into account over 50 cm drop in ground level between the garden and the house. The garden is visually connected with the lower living room via a large sliding window, calling for strong design with whole-year interest. The brief called for creation of flexible space for entertainment.

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The patio in front of the living room was enlarged to fit a dining area. A small table was placed on the side not to interfere with mobility or obscure the view towards the back of the garden, but can be extended for larger gatherings. Wide, low steps invite to the lounging patio. A cedar lattice was fitted over the existing rendered walls for privacy, whereas twin yew and Japanese holly hedges with contrasting textures help blurring the sharp boundaries. The back of the garden was adorned with a massive wall clad in sandstone slabs, domes of Japanese holly and a bespoke stone water feature. Both patios are paved in cut sandstone and separated by a stripe of crushed stone of subtly varied colour, which also covers the back of the garden. The design incorporated two existing small deciduous trees, which change the atmosphere in the garden with passing seasons. The wall was underplanted with stress tolerant delicate meadow flowers that contrast with, and soften the straight architectural lines.